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Client Feedback

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."
-- John F. Kennedy

Client Feedback

In our philosphy, client satisfaction comes first. Get to know more about what our clients say about asp.:

At the end of 1999, Artesia Banking Corporation set itself an ambitious mission and strategic plan for the years 2000 – 2003, based on the principles of EFQM and the Balanced Scorecard. In search of an adequate Performance Management System we came in contact with asp. Consulting. asp. understood our aims well and together we started the Proof of Concept phase based on existing measures. Within a 3-day 'on the job'-training we had a prototype Balanced Scorecard model that was approved by the management. Today we have an IT and Group Balanced Scorecard in place, accessible to the user community via the pbviews online web-application. pbviews and the Performance Measurement Methodology from asp. consulting really met our needs.

Rob Van Rensbergen, Artesia Bank

asp.consulting has always achieved exceptional results. Once a year asp.consulting conducts a customer satisfaction program amongst our clients in the automotive manufacturing industry. The fact that our survey is managed by an outside consulting firm is one of the reasons why it is so successful and highly accepted amongst our clients. It is a really a good investment. Up to now asp. has always achieved a response rate of 75%, and anybody involved in the business of tracking customer satisfaction knows what an excellent result this is. Their data computing and reporting system is cleverly designed and has provided us with an outstanding tool for benchmarking. Now there are deliberations to contract asp. for our customer satisfaction programs in other countries as well.

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Winter, Richard Lawson

asp. consulting is clearly the guiding star in Performance Measurement and Management. Being a relatively small unit within global manufacturing, our plant was an ideal place to run a pilot project for implementing a PMM System. By selecting asp. consulting to help us, we made the perfect choice. For us, asp. is like the guiding star. With their wise combination of knowledge, experience, motivation and benchmarking, asp. has devised an excellent system for our company and has opened up new perspectives for us.

Francesc Junyent, Solvay

Since the successful implementation of TQM together with asp. consulting we have been on the right track. Bearing in mind that our ultimate goal is quality improvement, we have decided on a companywide TQM implementation program with asp. consulting. By systematically collecting ideas of our employees we were able to define a huge potential for improvements to be made and gradually but independently implement these ideas. Thanks to this professional quality management concept a sound basis for a continuous improvement process has been established.

Max Kothbauer, P.S.K. Austrian Postal Savings Bank

With asp. consulting, 80% improvement in one week is no utopia. Increasing challenges triggered the start of an improvement process of a very different kind. The first Rapid Improvement Workshop already brought incredible and unexpected successes: Our internal material flow from receipt to production for example was reduced by 75% in just five days. We do not waste our time by looking for the 100% solutions, we rather concentrate on the fast improvement of our potential: the only real method to successfully implement changes in a few days.

Günter Boomgaarden, Dräger Aerospace

We constantly improve and strengthen our customer relationship and services. With asp.'s excellent concept and training of Total Quality Management in the banking sector, asp. consulting contributed a great deal to the successful implementation of this concept. It is very important for us to have gained great acceptance on all hierarchic levels, made possible by systematically involving all employees. Constant quality improvement is a very important issue. These focused measures are also reflected in our customer relationship.

Erwin Erasim, Bank Austria - Creditanstalt

By recognizing our needs asp. consulting has helped us to create a climate in which people thrive and achieve excellent results. Right now our company is in a stage of transition as we are taking all the necessary steps to become even more competitive on the European market. In this context we put special emphasis on the training of our sales force as it is mainly up to them how we are perceived on the market. asp. consulting, recognizing our needs, offers focused training programs. This has helped us to create a climate in which people thrive and achieve excellent results.

Marija Vickovic, Badel 1862

With asp. consulting at your side you are bound for success. The involvement of asp. consulting was essential throughout the whole project. Their approach as well as their people created a spirit of excitement that was contagious and made us feel enthusiastic about the project. We are also very comfortable with the software pbviews. Even staff members with basic computer skills seem to like it and are actually using it. I will try to convince other divisions of Coty to introduce PMM with the help of asp. consulting. You really need champions to launch such a project.

Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, Coty - Lancaster

asp.'s trainers come off with excellent grades. asp. consulting is one of our partners in the area of personnel training that we are very satisfied with. Six times a year asp. conducts the 5-day ”Influence“ seminar for us. This seminar concentrates on personal analysis, development and influencing behavior. As all our seminars are rated by the participants in great detail, we get a very precise picture of the acceptance. asp.'s trainers always come off with excellent grades. Naturally, popular courses are quickly promoted by word of mouth. We have had the ”Influence“ seminar on our program for quite a while now and the course is nearly always fully booked.

Dr. Dagmar Schwinkerath, Siemens

pbviews really has a 'wow' effect. Compared to the other solutions we investigated, pbviews represents very good value for money. asp. helped us with the implementation but the software is very user friendly and requires very little implementation support. Since the start of the performance management project there have been considerable improvements in both customer service levels and operational effectiveness. We have presented our process to many other companies in the group and so far the feedback has been very positive. I would recommend buying pbviews at the outset of a BPM project rather than later because I believe this would save a lot of money, energy and time.

Niall English, UDV (Baileys Operations)

Based on our good experience and with the help of asp. consulting we are now pushing pbviews as a nation-wide system. In March 2000, when we were looking for a suitable software that could incorporate all our statistics, we came across pbviews and bought the solution. This system is absolutely brilliant, and coming from a hard-bitten skeptic as I am, this means a lot. I have been in this business for more than 20 years and this is one of the best I have seen. pbviews has not only provided us with a colltection mechanism for data, but has also changed the way we work. It is very pleasing to monitor the performance of our people and see it improving because they know it is being measured. It is an ideal tool to set targets and encourage improvement.

Jon Ball, Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue

Contrary to other consultants, the asp. team was well accepted by all our employees. You could literally see it: at the end of the first 5-day workshop there were no endless plans or stacks of paper. Instead, impressive improvements were obvious at every workplace and employees were highly motivated. Cost savings were already substantial during the first workshop, e.g. material worth several DM 100,000 was brought back to storage rooms and searching time was reduced to one half. All improvements now enable us to produce an airplane-galley within 2-3 weeks, a process which formerly took up to 6 weeks.

Ralf-Thilo Schulz , Britax Sell

asp. consulting has dedicated people with broad business experience, who are passionate about their work. Japan Tobacco International is successfully implementing a Performance Measurement and Management system together with asp. consulting, who supported us from the very beginning. Having worked with many consultants on numerous initiatives, asp. consulting impressed me most with their very practical approach to adding value to a client at a reasonable cost. They also demonstrate a passion for excellence that creates an effective team spirit with a client. Unlike other consulting companies, they want to prove the value of their services prior to pushing for a big contract. I never ever considered looking for anybody else and I don't think there are many companies out there who can match their experience in this particular area.

Brian Chalk, JTI - Japan Tobacco Int.

asp. consulting stands for implementation and concrete, measurable results. Early in 1999 we released our new Mission Statement, maintaining that FCI wants to be a world-leading connector company where everybody enjoys working because the management encourages initiative and responsibility. FCI wants to be a company where clear communication between all employees is a key value. asp. consulting has given us a structure for developing skills until they became second nature to us and they have set up an excellent framework for continuous measurement and improvement. Their team makes you roll up your sleeves, they roll up their sleeves in turn and start with the implementation. Our employees no longer simply facilitate a process. Rather, they have fundamentally changed their vision on how to do things better and smarter.

Paul Dankers, FCI

asp. consulting has adapted easily to our requirements and helped us to set the crucial change processes in motion. Vetropack and asp. consulting have established a very productive co-operation over the past three years. We lived in a socialist environment for so long that in order to maintain and gain additional competitive advantage on the European and other markets, a great number of changes were needed. This is particularly important for Vetropack, as we export 70% of our products. Therefore, with the help of asp. we have provided various tailored solutions to particular management target groups as well as to all 650 Vetropack employees. This initiative proved to be highly accepted. Today we have a completely different corporate climate and a much more transparent communication culture than we did three years ago.

Dragutin Spiljak, Vetropack

asp.’s Human Resource Development program is targeted towards all employees and managers needing to communicate in their daily working life: this, therefore, implies everybody. From a methodical viewpoint, what makes this human resource development program differ as well as excel from other programs, is its micro teaching concept. One of the reasons why this program is a good investment for any company is that the participants are so involved in the training that they become highly motivated. In addition, this program reduces the number of mistakes generated through inaccurate or ineffective communication.

Kurt Guwak, ABB

Together with our production and purchasing manager we ran a pilot project with the asp. DO-IT program in one of our service and production departments each. The results were so successfull and obvious that the management decided to introduce the program company-wide.

Kirsten Siedler, Global Weighing Technologies

The strict goal orientation and the consequent focus on implementation within the team and together with the employees were decisive for us to select asp. consulting as a partner.

DI Thomas Rossegger, Pewag

During implementation of all measures, asp. consulting proved to be highly professional and emotionally competent. After an intense period of analyzing needs, a series of measures were planned and implemented to improve our customer orientation. Nearly all employees defined these measures as profitable, valuable and worthwhile for them. The seminars and workshops carried out by asp. laid the necessary foundation on which the excellent relationship with our clients, colleagues and employees can be built on.

Carl-Heinz Fischer, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace

asp. consulting has helped us to build a PMM model that exceeds our expectations. The services provided by asp. consulting were absolutely exemplary in regard to quality and timelines. In addition, the software pbviews that asp. provided us with turned out to be a most powerful tool to develop a customer driven web based performance measurement accessible by all provincial and federal stake-holders in Canada.

Bob Munro, Manitoba Smart Network

I hope that asp. consulting can continue to fine-tune our communication skills in their future work with us.

Amy Uhrbach, PhD, Dictaphone

asp.'s sales training has rewarded us with a continuous sales increase.

Reinhold Sturm, OBI