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Effective Strategy Implementation

Jamie Dimon, now CEO of JPMorgan Chase famously stated, “I’d rather have a first-rate execution and second-rate strategy any time than a brilliant idea and mediocre management.” Anyone who follows business publications has read it numerous times: the reason why many strategies fail is because of poor execution.  More

How to design a successful long-term M&A plan

We usually hear about M&A deals in the context of colossal transactions and spectacular acquisitions by well-known industry leaders. Yet the way towards successfully using M&A as a tool to generate competitive advantage is not by looking for the largest possible deal, but instead developing a sound long-term investment strategy. Here are some tips towards making sure your company is part of the minority that really knows how to turn M&A into a valuable asset. More

asp.BI wins Epicor’s “Partner Of the Year 2013” award

Trevor Mercieca, Managing Director of asp.BI, was more than happy to receive the prestigious award at the annual “Epicor Momentum and Ignite” event in Barcelona this November. With the extensive know-how of the asp.group in the background, asp.BI is far more than a technical ERP-vendor. Using its expertise on ERP application from a consultancy approach, asp.BI has secured the largest deals, successfully competing against the biggest traditional players in the industry.

Photo from left to right: James Frampton, Channel Vice President for Epicor EMEA, Keith Deane, Senior Vice President for Epicor EMEA, Trevor Mercieca, Managing Director of asp.BI

3 mistakes that might cause your M&A transaction to fail

Multiple studies concerning M&A famously stated that over two thirds of M&A deals failed to enhance value with 43 percent being value neutral. Despite that, experts like to point to the manifold advantages that a successful merger can produce. In today’s fast changing business world, it is not only the traditional benefits, like increased economies of scale and improved market share, that make acquisitions appealing. M&A is quickly becoming the way for larger firms to acquire innovation and adapt to rapidly evolving markets.