“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”
— John F. Kennedy

Client Feedback

In our philosphy, client satisfaction comes first. Get to know more about what our clients say about asp.:

At the end of 1999, Artesia Banking Corporation set itself an ambitious mission and strategic plan for the years 2000 – 2003, based on the principles of EFQM and the Balanced Scorecard. In search of an adequate Performance Management System we came in contact with asp. Consulting. asp. understood our aims well and together we started the Proof of Concept phase based on existing measures. Within a 3-day ‘on the job’-training we had a prototype Balanced Scorecard model that was approved by the management. Today we have an IT and Group Balanced Scorecard in place, accessible to the user community via the pbviews online web-application. pbviews and the Performance Measurement Methodology from asp. consulting really met our needs.

Rob Van Rensbergen, Artesia Bank

asp.consulting has always achieved exceptional results. Once a year asp.consulting conducts a customer satisfaction program amongst our clients in the automotive manufacturing industry. The fact that our survey is managed by an outside consulting firm is one of the reasons why it is so successful and highly accepted amongst our clients. It is a really a good investment. Up to now asp. has always achieved a response rate of 75%, and anybody involved in the business of tracking customer satisfaction knows what an excellent result this is. Their data computing and reporting system is cleverly designed and has provided us with an outstanding tool for benchmarking. Now there are deliberations to contract asp. for our customer satisfaction programs in other countries as well.

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Winter, Richard Lawson

asp. consulting is clearly the guiding star in Performance Measurement and Management. Being a relatively small unit within global manufacturing, our plant was an ideal place to run a pilot project for implementing a PMM System. By selecting asp. consulting to help us, we made the perfect choice. For us, asp. is like the guiding star. With their wise combination of knowledge, experience, motivation and benchmarking, asp. has devised an excellent system for our company and has opened up new perspectives for us.

Francesc Junyent, Solvay