Excerpt of our current activities

Among other exciting things, here is what we are currently up to…

The next level of digital medical communication. It empowers doctors for better medical outcomes.

The youth community for learning, life and career. talentify.me supports private tutoring among students with the enhancement of particular talents, while also offering exciting workshops for the students to keep growing outside of school, too.


DocRed strives to become Latin America’s leading physicians online community. The platform’s goal is to help doctors to make better decisions to improve patients’ quality of life.


Enpulsion is the first company in the world to offer tailor-made propulsion systems for nano and micro satellites.


Docplexus is India’s largest doctor’s platform. It empowers physicians to make better clinical decisions, network with peers and build their online reputation. It focuses on the peer-to-peer exchange of patient cases, dialogue and interdisciplinary learning to improve medical outcomes.


Light is In-Vision’s source of power. The company has been an approved Texas Instruments DLP® design house partner for more than a decade. They provide engineering and manufacturing services ranging from optics and electronics design to prototyping and serial production. Their product portfolio covers high-end projections lenses as well as the world’s most powerful DLP-based light engines.